speechles+terharu=u make me silent !

paUse jekk klu xnk dgr

Wednesday, September 30

::(@_@)::plz help::

saLAm sme~elo diaries~

wadush!!smakin hari smakin (@_@) aku~


~its all about xsaimen~

  • 4th oct=presentation TAP(case stdy)
  • 5th oct=submit n presenting SM(ak speaker)->submit odit gak
  • 10 or 11th oct= submit PSA
skang nieh sme nye present lec ckp the mark will be based how u attrack the audience~

SM r~90% mark from presentation!!!

plzz u olzz gimme an idea~how???

so now i need suggestion/opinion/idea dr u olz sme~
::plz sesangat tulong ak!!!::


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