speechles+terharu=u make me silent !

paUse jekk klu xnk dgr

Thursday, June 10

siLA jawaB~

1) have you ever think that you want to be married to someone(not ur bf) n why?
ngee~kalau dah takdir camtuh~aku terima jek,,

2) holiday to you means?
yEAy!!!oLIDAy~ miss u mr oLiday!!!
oLiday=besh+reLAx [nEEd vacaTion for freE.he3 leh x?]
3) have you ever hoping to receive a love letter inside your textbook?

4) have you ever back stab your bffs?
nop~[kejinye perbuatan neyy!!]

5) are you excited to watch princess protection program at disney channel?
suKe2!!! [verSion upin ipin]
my fav tu!!

6) people always call you

7) do you love art?
yuppss!!![gud jwpn yg sgt ringkas sudah cukup!!]
8) describe naughty things that u did when you are in high school
jap2 ak kan dak baik hehee~eh baiklah sgt!! byk giLer wat kj jht doLu2~ssshhhh rahsiA2~ngeee
9) do you lead a pathetic life?
oWh tidakkss!
10) 10 people you wat to tag?
ah tag la sendri~
pLz ppL tag urseLf ~

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